Game style

My game idea is directly related to my soccer tastes. I like that my teams are offensive, shameless and innovative like those of Guardiola, that make the transitions at the speed of vertigo like those of Mourinho, that are solidary, strongs, well prepared physically and automated in the defensive phase like those of Simeone and direct them with the common sense of Zidane. In addition, I admire the ability to convince and the ability to turn conflicts into strengths for the Julen Lopetegui group.

I prefer that my teams are active, that they are protagonists and carry the weight of the game without waiting for what the opponent does it. To carry it out it is essential to get a clean ball out of the starting area, obtain numerical and positional superiorities in the area of creation of the game, with search for breadth and depth through the position (now called location) of the players, and with arrival in the area is finished with many players with the goal of creating many scoring chances and take advantage of them. I like that the team "travels together" in the offensive phase of the game so that if we lose the ball, we have the lines together and press immediately to recover it as soon as possible and close to the rival box.

When the opposing team starts the game from the goalkeeper it is important that we continue being an action team, placing ourselves in a high block, preventing the rival players from putting the ball in play, and if they do, pressing high to get the ball as soon as possible.

These are my main ideas of the game, the game has to adapt to the culture of the country or region in which you train, the style of play that best suits your club, and the team's goals. It is not the same to train in Poland or Spain, La Real Socieda or the Śląsk Wrocław, to lead a team with champion aspirations or to fight to remain in the category. In addition, you have to choose the game system or the system that you consider the most appropriate considering the characteristics of the players that you can count with .... These are the fundamental ingredients to form a game model that is always alive, and leaves modifying, removing some things and adding others in order to make each day more complete.